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exceptional coffee, made simple.

we come to work each morning with a simple concept in mind, to make your day a little brighter, one delicious cup at a time. whether it's the warm atmosphere in our cafe, a simple smile and acknowledgment as you enter our shop, or a perfectly sweet and balanced espresso, we aim to make your morning routine as easy and inviting as possible. we aspire to foster a sense of community in our local area, buy local where possible, and give back where we can.

we're passionate about getting the small things right.

our experience comes from a background of coffee roasting, customer service and cafe management. our choice in suppliers reflect this understanding of the industry both locally and abroad. we will seek out and work only with those who share our philosophy for simple, genuine and delicious coffee and we will endeavour to showcase this in an approachable and honest way.

we promise that our focus will always be on quality, not what is currently on trend. 

Pete & Luke